Stocks to Watch

stocks-to-watch-now-fwLast updated: 26 January 2017 delivers the top stocks to watch, outperforming the markets, and crushing the gurus.

Do you struggle trying to find hot stocks that you simply cannot pass up? This is something we struggled with for a long time, but the reality is, we cannot control the market. Oftentimes, we will find 3 – 4 or even more stocks a week that are the perfect stocks to buy. Other weeks, the market seems to be hiding all of the top stocks away from expert and novice traders alike.

Stocks to Watch

From our experience, it is best to make a list of the top 10 stocks that have high potential. These are the stocks that you will want to keep a close eye on. Perhaps these stocks include innovative companies, or they may be a big named brand that just went through bankruptcy, but they have an immense following and will make a comeback.

Act Fast on the Right Stocks

All too often, people will find cheap stocks to watch and try to invest in them all. While this may work in some cases, this simply is not a good strategy. Lists should be broken up into stocks to buy now and penny stocks to watch that have a lot of potential in the future. This way, you can figure out what is the best option for the current moment. Stock markets can fluctuate greatly from one day to another. You need a penny stocks list that you “must” buy when the conditions are right.

The Magic Number

For us, we believe in making low-risk trades that will yield great returns. It doesn’t make sense for us to waste capital in small returns, or even worse, in stocks that have a high risk of failure. We have found that choosing and focusing on 2 – 4 stocks per week works best. This allows us to really decipher which stocks to watch and do our research before making the plunge. While it is important to act fast, you never want to act on a company that is unknown or that is simply failing.

Our Lists Simply Work

We devise a list of our stocks to watch on a routine basis. In fact, we typically send out two newsletters per week that show our members exactly what stocks we have chosen to keep an eye on. These stocks are ones that we researched, looking into their recent statements and have become intimately familiar with. However, we also have weeks when we don’t send our any top picks because the market is simply flat.

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula to become rich in the world of penny stocks. The only true course of action is to do your research, minimize your loses and maximize your gains. We are patient and wait for the right setups and time to make our purchases. There is no need to rush when there are a lot of companies that see their stocks rise daily. If you want to see our picks, join our team and follow the same exact stocks that we watch every week. Use our expertise to learn which stocks to buy now and which are simply being hyped by others.